About Vintage Marquee Lights

Vintage Marquee Lights is the original creation of the husband and wife self proclaimed dream team, Jerrad and Machel Green. From the first time they watched Trading Spaces together over 12 years ago, (don’t judge, you know you watched it too) they knew they were “creatively compatible” and life as they knew it was never the same. With both of them having an impressive showbiz background (which we’ll get to later), it was only a matter of time before their showbiz lives and love for design would collide. And that my friends, is how our Vintage Marquee Lights story began.

We at VML just hate bragging and name dropping so please excuse this next part. But you may have seen our products featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, HGTV, DIY, Discovery, FYI, Lifetime, the Food Network and more. If you are a fan of Ellen Degeneres, Rachael Ray, Zooey Deschanel, or Tori Spelling, then you have something in common with them as they too have and love our Vintage Marquee Lights! Our VML’s have been used in print work such as People, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottage Style, Veil Wedding Magazine, along with countless others. They can also be found in hundreds of shops and boutiques across America and Canada including Pottery Barn Kids/Teen, Anthropologie, and West Elm.

When asked to tell 3 random facts about themselves this is what they shared:


  1. I won one Grammy (the same amount as Britney Spears) for drumming.
  2. I have the rare ability to survive on 4 hours of sleep each day.
  3. You might assume a lumberjack lives in our house if you took a peek into my closet... I have that many plaid shirts.


  1. I’m a former Miss Dance of S.C. and worked as a professional dancer in various theaters for close to 12 years (You say, “Machel, you can’t be that old!" To which I say, "you’re right!")
  2. I LOVE outdoor twinkle lights (go figure). To me they make everything feel so magical! OH, and trees planted in rows, I adore them! I mean someone took the time to plant all of those things so perfectly. CRAZY!
  3. My favorite food (I know its not healthy and I eat it in moderation, so no haters please) CHILI CHEESE HOTDOGS! Chili, cheese, mustard, and onions to be exact. What can I say, I’m a cheap date... who you might not want to kiss after this particular meal. Haha!


  1. The beach is my happy place... the beach and any place that sells ice cream.
  2. I broke my femur days before my second birthday, and was pretty much in a full body cast for 6 weeks. Now that I’m all better, I enjoy scaring the ever-loving crap out of my parents when I jump off of everything I see!
  3. I love putting on a show... that is, until an audience appears...

The Greens and their 3 year old son Noah, love music, spur of the moment road trips in their glamper “Cecilia", and a nice coat of fresh paint. Make sure to connect with them on their Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter to follow more of their crazy family adventures! It'll be the most entertaining thing you do all day!