Our Story

So, this is where our story begins. Jerrad and I were born with music in our hearts, and although we were 1,350 miles away from each other when these pictures were taken, it would be that love for music & God's plan that would eventually bring us together.

Jerrad and I had many exciting things happen to us on our journey to finding each other. Jerrad grew up around music all of his life. His father is a musician and mother is a music promoter. Jerrad was constantly exposed to live music, recording studios, instruments and anything musical. So you could say music is in his blood. The photo on the left is Jerrad's Grammy for playing drums on a Grammy Award-winning album. Yes you read it right...GRAMMY! Pretty exciting stuff! As for me, I grew up in the dance world. My mother has always been a huge supporter of the arts. She herself is an extremely talented, award-winning painter (a gift that wasn't passed down to me haha). However, I was given the beautiful gift of dance and amazing instructors that helped push me along my journey. The photo on the right was a parade I was in after being crowned Miss Dance of SC in 2001. Jerrad and I were still many miles away from each other at this point, but remember how I told you about Gods plan?

It was 2002 and I was working as a professional dancer in a theater when Jerrad walked through the door and into my life. When he was first approached to leave TX and move to Myrtle Beach, SC to play drums in a theater he turned it down. But Jerrad, eventually, said he would help them out until they found someone else. Well, they weren't the ones to find someone...he was...ME! You see, I had been praying to find someone. Someone who shared the same values and beliefs as I did, who would also be "creatively compatible" (yes, I totally just made that phrase up. haha! Feel free to steal it!) who would share the same love for music....and Trading Spaces. Don't judge, you know you watched it too! Hallelujah, my prayers had been answered!! 😊 Jerrad and I have worked side by side everyday since the first day we met. We worked in the theater for 9 years together. We work on our marriage & being the best parents we know how to be, DAILY. Don't let anyone tell you differently, it's WORK! We created our dream "job" TOGETHER (VML). Now when I say together, I am talking about God, Jerrad & me. Ecclesiastes 4:12 "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken." There you have it folks "our story," well the highlight reel anyways... There are many more things I would love to share with you, but I think I'll save it for a later date.